Complaints Procedure 

Here at airsource1 we pride ourselves in having a 100% Customer satisfaction record to date. However we would like to make our customers aware that should you ever have cause for concern a complaints procedure has been established to ensure you can tell us about it. 

We acknowledge your right to have your concerns investigated and as such aim to learn from any information we receive, our complaints policy is an important part of our continuous improvement. 

In the first instance raise your complaint with the member of staff responsible for the service in question. If you feel the matter is not resolved quickly or to your satisfaction it will be passed to a supervisor at airsource1 for further investigation in an effort to resolve the issue. If you are still not satisfied with how your concern has been handled, you may begin a formal written complaint procedure.  


Please find below a copy of our airsource1 complaint form which should be returned to the company to 

Complaints Form

  • Upon receipt of your written complaint a response acknowledging your complaint will be sent within 5 working days which wil enclose a copy of this procedure. 

  • Your complaint will then be investigated, this will involve passing your complaint on to Shawn Hogg (director) for review.

  • Following our internal review a detailed reply to your complaint will be sent, this will include his suggestions on the resolution of your concern. This will be sent to you within 20 working days of our first response.