Q: Can you secure any grants or funding? 

A: There are many different funding schemes provided for renewable technology, as MCS certified installers we will supply the required certification on the completion of your installation however all applications must be done by you the home owner.

If your looking for any help in finding these opportunities please don't hesitate to get in touch or check the Loans and and Incentives page on our website for more details. 

Q:  Are you Certified?

A: We are Certified under a number of governing bodies making us certified F-Gas, RECC, and MCS installers as well as KEY Daikin installers and Accredited Ecodan installers with Mitsubishi. For more information on what this means have a look on our Accreditations page.

Q: What happens if my system develops a fault? 

A: If your system develops a fault or you feel is under performing please do not hesitate to  get in touch and we will see what we can do to get you back to full power as quickly as possible. 

Q: How does my warranty work? 

A: Each unit we install is covered under a manufacturers warranty, in order to ensure yours meet the terms and conditions of this your heat pump will require an annual maintenance.

As KEY Daikin installers we are able to provide our customers with a 5 years parts and labour warranty on any Daikin installed products.

We are also Accredited Mitsubishi Ecodan installers and therefore a 5 year parts and labour warranty will be provided on the Mitsubishi outdoor unit and 3 years is provided on Mitsubishi cylinders.  This is subject to maintenance being carried out by an approved Ecodan Installer.


The full terms and conditions for Mitsubishi and Daikin Warranties can be found here. 

Mitsubishi Homeowner


Daikin Homeowner


We also supply a 2 year workmanship warranty with all of our Domestic installations.