Underfloor Heating

How does it work?

Underfloor heating works by moving heated water through a series of loops under the floor, this creates a large area allowing for an even spread of heat, this is then radiated upwards into the room creating a much more even supply of heat. 


Although possible to install underfloor heating in an existing building it is more tricky, if you have the option of including it during building works this would both help to reduce costs and increase installation time. 

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What are the benefits?

Environmentally friendly

Because of the lower water temperatures required to heat the underfloor system it  can be used alongside a range of eco-friendly products like air source and ground source heat pumps.


Due to the entire system being hidden from view it allows complete freedom of interior design where wall and floor space is maximised without any compromise to the living quality of the space.



Each heating zone can be controlled individually through it’s own thermostat resulting in maximum comfort and efficiency.


Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient forms of heating, by radiating the heat up through the floor it requires lower flow temperatures across the surface area. With the floor being the warmest part of the room and the air cooling as it rises there are less likely to be cold spots, creates fewer draughts and is considered the most comfortable and healthy form of heating. 

Underfloor Heating Layout

The pipe layout for your underfloor system is incredibly important to its efficiency, we work closely with Optimum Underfloor Heating to ensure you get the best system possible for your home. By working alongside each other we can ensure that your heat pump and underfloor system are well suited to allow the lowest running costs and the best return on your investment.