Misconceptions About Heat Pumps

"Heat Pumps are more expensive"

This is one of the most common misconceptions about heat pumps, although there is an initial cost for installing your heat pump (as there is for all heating), it is an investment.  The return you can get from your heat pump in both lower energy bills and funding from the RHI means that you will see a saving over the course of it's installation. If you are worried about initial costs there are a number grants available to help get you started and if you have any questions about this just give us a call we would be happy to help.

"Heat Pumps need a back up boiler"

Heat pumps do require electricity to run but once they're installed your heat pump will supply 100% of your heating and 100% of your hot water requirements much more efficiently than a fossil fuel boiler.

"They only work in new buildings"

This one is simply not true! Although many people do choose to install in new builds because it can save money to combine with other building works it's possible to install in existing buildings too. It can be more challenging than in new buildings but we have worked on a number of different types of projects and can use our experience to find you the best option available.

"Heat pumps only work with underfloor"

There's no disputing that heat pumps work well with underfloor heating However they are perfectly able to be used alongside radiators as well. We recommend sizing up your radiators to get the best possible efficiency from your heating system and can advise you on exactly what is needed to get the perfect temperature for your home for the lowest running cost.

"Heat pumps don't get your water hot enough"

A person usually has a shower at about 40-45 Degrees, we would look to store your water at 60 Degrees to ensure that you would have hot water on hand at the turn of a tap. 

"They're much noisier"

When installed properly heat pumps are actually very quiet, as one example Mitsubishi units start as low as 30dB on some units, literally as quiet as a whisper. When designing your heating system we aim to install the unit in the most aesthetic and efficient place. 

There are all sorts of uncertainties when people talk about heat pumps because they're only now becoming more common there are plenty of myths surrounding them. 


It can be confusing when you don't know the fact from the fiction so we've tried to combat a few of the rumours that go around to help you get a better understanding of what your buying.