Benefits of Having a Heat Pump

Reduce Your Running Costs

One of the advantages of heat pumps is that they do not create heat, they draw it from a natural source, either the air or the ground,  meaning they are much more efficient with annual savings of over 40% for air source and 60% for ground source. This means that you will receive a much more realistic return on your investment. 

By not relying on external heating sources such as oil it makes running your system much more reliable as it is not susceptible to seasonal price changes of gas and oil and also does not require delivery of fuel so that you aren't left waiting during adverse weather or if you live off the beaten track. 

Grant Schemes

There are a number of Grants and Incentives available which you can apply for to assist in the installation of your renewable technology. 

Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps are eligible for government funding from the Renewable Heat Incentive. The scheme makes payments to owners of renewable heating systems for the energy they produce, payments are tax free and last a period of seven years. 


Heat pumps have no comparison when it comes to running efficiency. Efficiency is measured using a Co-efficient of Performance (COP) which shows the kW output to the energy consumed by your unit. A ground source heat pump has a COP of 4:1, meaning for every 4kW of heat put out the unit has used 1kW of electricity to make it, this is a perceived efficiency of 400%. ( the COP will vary depending on how well insulated your home is and the type of heat emitters you will be using - radiators, underfloor etc.) Air Source Heat Pumps supply a slightly lower COP of 3:1 however in comparison to standard boilers which have a 70-80% return over the course of their lifespan it is a marked improvement. 


Lower Carbon Emissions

Although heat pumps use electricity to run because they are not creating heat but drawing it from either the ground or air it means that this is constantly being replaced naturally and so the carbon emissions of the system are vastly smaller than that of a conventional boiler system.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Heat pumps are very reliable and require an annual service to be done in order to maintain any warranty by the manufacturer. 


As KEY Daikin installers we are able to provide our customers with a 5 year parts and labour warranty on any Daikin installed products, more information about this can be found on the Daikin Warranty Policy

We are also Accredited Mitsubishi Ecodan installers and therefore a 5 year parts and labour warranty will be provided on the Mitsubishi outdoor unit and 3 years is provided on Mitsubishi cylinders.  This is subject to maintenance being carried out by an approved Ecodan Installer.

Information on Ecodan warranties can be found on the Homeowner Gurantee.